Footwear Ad is The Next Viral Video

 - Oct 18, 2007
References: diesel & theverychronicles.blogspot
Diesel's latest online campaign for the Freezy Sneaker shoes takes a 1970's video of a Finnish Disco Celebrity, mashed up to promote a new sneaker design, that is decidedly 80's. Try and make sense of that as a trend!

"Don't blame it on the sunshine. Don't blame it on the moonlight. Don't blame it on the good times. Don't even blame it on the boogie. Blame it on Aarlf Smaks," says Diesel.

According to the Italian fashion house, this native Finnish disco dancemeister was 'THE' man that any self respecting disco-goer aspired to be like, and is single handedly the one to blame for the way your dad deploys those sexy moves on the dance floor (the ones that obviously got your Mum so hot all those years back). So maybe, just maybe, he is in a strange way responsible for your birth as well!

While part of the emerging trend of video remixing, in this case Diesel's choice of Aarlf Smaks to promote the Freezy, pokes a big glittery finger in the eye of the current fad of big name celebrity product endorsement. That said, if this campaign video goes viral, Aarlf may just get big again.