The Barack Obama Infomercial

 - Oct 30, 2008
References: youtube
The Barack Obama informercial titled "American Stories, American Solutions" was a brilliant, touching and informative political ad that ran last night for an unheard of amount of time--thirty minutes.  Not only that, but the powers that be of Major League Baseball agreed to push the World Series back a half an hour to accommodate the Obama infomercial. 

The Obama infomercial cost several million dollars, and it ran on FOX, NBC, MSNBC, BET, CBS, and several other stations. CNN and ABC are the only two stations on which "American Stories, American Solutions" did not run.  His ad could not have been released at a better time--six days before the November 4th election.  Senator John McCain, not surprisingly, has criticized the ad. 

The "American Stories, American Solutions" Obama infomercial did not attempt to smear John McCain, Sarah Palin, or even the Republican Party; which in and of itself is very admirable.  Senator Obama stayed completely focused on the issues that encompass the American people on a daily basis and stories of his family which allowed viewers to get to know him.