- Dec 9, 2011
In lieu of the Rod Blagojevich sentencing, which the disgraced former Governor of Illinois claims to be "unbelievably sorry" for making "terrible mistakes" by trying to sell a Senate seat formerly held by President Obama, the amount of mishaps, blunders and downright comical moments at the expense of politicians have been occurring more frequently.

Why is it that when a politician stumbles over words (Rick Perry), gets a shoe thrown at them (Dubya) or claims to see Russia from their home state (Sarah Palin), one cannot help but laugh? It is because for a majority of the time, politicians have a persona to uphold, and one that doesn’t involve ducking a size-nine sandal.

What is most hilarious about the Rod Blagojevich sentencing is that the man refuses to admit guilt and is sticking by his story that he "never set out to break the law." Well, Mr. former Governor of Illinois, last time I checked, you weren’t allow to sell Senate seats for personal financial gain.

Most would say that would be wrong. Kind of like trying to cover up a break-in at the Watergate offices.

Rod Blagojevich Sentencing Inspires List of Political Mishaps: