- Dec 1, 2018
It is incredibly important to keep up with sustainability-enforcing products, campaigns, and architecture and the November 2018 eco trend list is an easy and concise manner to learn what is up-and-coming in this category.

Designers are beginning to challenge themselves more and more in the name of the environment. They begin to experiment with eco-conscious resources that will make the use of harmful, unrenewable materials obsolete. Natchar Sawatdichai's gorgeous adjustable paper blinds are a protest of the use of plastic in the manufacturing industry. While this is a project that hammers down on a specific niche in the industry, the November 2018 eco list highlights a larger-scale project with architect Angelo Renna's man-made mountain concept. This is a proposal that advocates for the implementation of a 90-meter-high soil mound in Turin, Italy that will be able to absorb carbon dioxide.

From Reusable Coffee Pods to House-Shaped Modular Workspaces: