'Up-Part' Shoes are Meant to Be Sold as Highly Customizable Kits

 - Oct 24, 2018
References: designacademy.nl & fastcompany
University of Eindhoven student Lucille Nguyen developed two 'Up-Part' modular sneaker prototypes as a solution that approaches sneaker culture in a more customizable, sustainable manner.

Unlike most sneakers that are sold as finished models, Up-Part shoes are meant to be sold as kits to that they can be put together exactly to a user's specifications. Additionally, this means that specific parts of the sneaker can easily be replaced and recycled as needed.

In order to introduce this system to consumers in a way that's familiar, Nguyen opted for design details that are integral to keeping the footwear together. As Nguyen puts it, "We are used to attaching our shoes with laces or straps, so I pushed these gestures just a step further and made the connection technique part of the sneaker personality."

Image Credit: Design Academy Eindhoven / Iris Rijskamp