Low-Tech Magazine's Energy-Reducing Site Goes Offline When It's Cloudy

There are countless solar-powered products that consumers have been introduced to over the years and Low-Tech Magazine recently introduced a new website that is powered by the sun—as such, it is noted that the website does go offline from time to time when it is cloudy.

Low-Tech Magazine describes that the "new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content." The solar-powered site is housed on a single, self-hosted server and powered by a photovoltaic array on a balcony in Barcelona that belongs to founder Kris De Decker. When reading an article on the site, a reader is able to see how much battery life remains on the server, along with an icon to represent the weather.

The simple site, without ads and pop-up windows, is structured in a way that challenges web users to consider the energy that they consume with their online interactions.