The Bella Mossa Scheme Rewards People with Discount Vouchers

 - Oct 29, 2018
References: cyclist & thedrinksbusiness
In an attempt to incentivize green travel, the city of Bologna is launching the Bella Mossa scheme as a means of driving people to ditch their cars and instead travel on bike, bus or foot. Developed by urban planner Marco Amodori, the Bella Mossa scheme works alongside an accompanying app called BetterPoints. This app lets users log their journeys and the GPS tracker ensures there is no cheating. The system runs on a point-based system so that people travel consistently using green solutions.

The Bell Mossa scheme is currently partnered with over 100 local businesses that have signed up to offer rewards to users. These rewards range from discount vouchers that can be redeemed for ice cream, movie tickets and even beer.