- Nov 30, 2018
From fashionable jet skis to eco-friendly scooters, this list of November 2018 transportation trends demonstrates the new ways consumers are getting from point A to point B.

Ecological advancements in transportation are aiding the health or eco-conscious consumer commute more efficiently. This month, the 36V Mustang GX Pro Scooter was released, offering a top speed of 25kmh, with the ability to travel for 55km before needing a charge.

Moreover, existing rideshare companies are updating services to include new features to convenience its users. A perfect example of this is Waze's Carpool feature, which aims to combat congestion on the rode by encouraging more people to hop in the same vehicle when they're travelling to a similar destination.

From Fashionable Jet Skis to Eco-Friendly Scooters: