Rolls-Royce is Modernizing Cargo Ships with Intel Tech

 - Oct 16, 2018
References: venturebeat & theverge
Rolls-Royce recently announced a new partnership with Intel that will see the development of autonomous cargo ships for use on the high seas. The company -- which is separated from car brands of the same name -- has been focused on autonomous shipping since the early 2010s and will now be using Intel chips to power the autonomous tech onboard the ships.

Fully autonomous ships may not be ready yet, but Rolls-Royce already equipped a ship with its Intelligent Awareness system for some crewed vessels. This system leverages a network of cameras. LIDAR and radar, all of which are overseen by a central program. The program will then utilize machine vision algorithms to search for potential obstacles and relay that information to the crew.

Image Credit: Rolls-Royce