- Nov 30, 2018
Automobiles and cars are generally sources of impressive innovation and this month showcases some of the best initiatives and offerings from the automotive industry. Featured in this November 2018 autos list is a myriad of technological and aesthetic offerings, all of which show new developments in automobiles. Included on this list is the Vanerhill Carmel, a comfort-focused three-wheeled vehicle. Inspired by past designs, this new automobile packs performance and pleasure in a compact unique vehicle.

Also featured on this November 2019 autos list is BMW's latest initiative to reduce harm to the planet. Focused on re-purposing and recycling EV batteries, this initiative serves as a consortium to create a closed lifecycle for EV batteries. The batteries used in this initiative will be used as power storage, before being stripped of raw materials and used in future projects.

From Drive-In Nightclubs to Vehicle-Offering Charities: