The De Castelli Samotracia Motorbike Changes from Golden to Green

 - Oct 11, 2018
References: & tuvie
The ultra-stylish De Castelli Samotracia motorbike has been designed by Mario Trimarchi as an aerodynamic transportation solution that will provide an exceptionally chic way to get around town.

The vehicle boasts a geometrically inspired aerodynamic aesthetic that allows it to seamlessly transport riders to their chosen destination in a fashionable manner. The exterior of the bike is covered in copper that will naturally oxidize over time to transform the color from golden to greenish, which will make no two bikes alike and further enhance the rare nature of the motorcycle.

The De Castelli Samotracia motorbike will slowly transform over the course of many years and addresses the shift towards stylish transportation solutions as consumers seek out ways to subtly show off their personal style.