The Conceptual Thames Express River Boat is Modernly Inspired

 - Oct 30, 2018
References: leonardograziano & tuvie
The conceptual Thames Express River Boat has been designed as a new kind of public transportation for London that would offer citizens and tourists with a different way to get around the iconic cityscape. Requiring minimal infrastructure to be started up, the river boat service would transport passengers up and down the Thames throughout the day, which would also avoid street level congestion. As major cities around the world continue to grow, we'll likely continue to see more innovative solutions to reducing congestion.

The conceptual Thames Express River Boat is the design work of Leonardo Graziano and could be a low-cost transportation solution that would only require a handful of ferry terminals to be implemented. The boat itself sports a futuristic aesthetic that allows passengers to enjoy uninterrupted views of the cityscape thanks to 360-degree windows.