The Ford 3D Racing Simulator Helps Cut Costs When Testing Cars

 - Oct 2, 2018
References: cnet
Surrounded by a massive 26-foot wraparound screen and powered by 25 computers, the Ford 3D racing simulator helps automakers conceive and develop the future of race cars and everyday vehicles. Set in the middle of this expansive screen is a lifelike racing car cockpit placed on a platform with six degrees of freedom. This allows the cockpit to rock, tilt, and jolt in whatever way the simulation requires.

A second but similar Ford 3D racing simulator is used for the development of production cars but is no less impressive. Ultimately, the objective of each simulation is to save money on car development while still providing "realistic" tests. The virtual track offers the same results as physical ones and can save upwards of $200,000 -- the cost of a trip to the Nürburgring ring to test a car.