Shimano's STEPS E6100 Series Makes E-Bikes Safer and More Efficient

 - Oct 3, 2018
References: shimano-steps & bike-eu
In an attempt to make e-bikes more user-friendly and efficient, Shimano has released its STEPS E6100 series of e-bike parts. Including a set of controls, info displays, and a motor and drivetrain, the STEPS E6100 series combines century's worth of expertise into new proven technologies. All of these items are meant to enhance the riding experience of e-bike users, while also providing safer options for long rides and at higher speeds.

While the info system and controls are quite innovative, the key to the STEPS E6100 series is the drive unit. Weighing just 2.8kg, the drive unit offers 500-watts of peak power. This provides a 20% increase in motor efficiency allowing riders to travel longer and further on a single charge. There are currently two styles of the drive unit, one for long treks and the other for city riding.