- Mar 23, 2019
The March 2019 life-stages round-up is a good resource that showcases how brands are targeting specific demographics based on age difference.

A lot of the examples in this list are ones that boast baby-centric clothing or toys for children — from TOMY's WWE Blitz Brawlers to LeapFrog's smart building blocks.

For an older demographic, the focus of the March 2019 life-stages round-up is placed on longevity-promoting supplements. 'Basis' by Elysium is a popular product in this category as it boasts healthy aging with NAD+ which is a key component of a multitude of biological functions.

Some companies even boast an activation that will satisfy a number of age demographics. The upcoming Cartoon Network Hotel is a good example of that as it will prove to be largely entertaining for kids but also incredibly nostalgic for millennials that grew up with the animated shows.

From 3D Printer Stencil Apps to Chef-Inspired Baby Food: