Hamelin's Notebooks Come with 'Scribzee' for Scanning & Sharing Notes

 - Feb 26, 2019
References: hamelin.store & prnewswire
In advance of the 2019 school season, Hamelin is launching a "notebook with superpowers," as each of its student notebooks provide access to its proprietary app for capturing, editing, sharing and accessing notes on the cloud.

These next-gen subject notebooks are available in a variety of colors and merge the analog world with the digital one using the Scribzee app. The free and user-friendly app makes it possible for one's notes to be easily referenced, even when one's notebook is not around.

The distraction of technology is often used as an argument to ban smartphones and laptops in school settings but with this solution, students are able to make the most of low-tech note-taking systems and the ability to digitally reference notes at their convenience later on.