From Liquor-Inspired Colorways to Celebrity-Crafted Designs

 - Dec 23, 2017
These gift ideas for the sneakerhead include a wide range of styles that come from classic sportswear brands like Nike, Puma, and adidas, ones that were made in collaboration with musicians, artists and athletes, as well as custom iterations that integrate unique designs onto popular models.

Also featured are products that take advantage of the hype surrounding sneakerhead culture, such as the face masks that were made by Zhijun Wang. To create the designs, Wang deconstructed Nike's VaporMax sneakers, by cutting away parts of the soles and uppers and stitching them together. The masks are fastened to the wearer's face with a drawstring on the back, allowing them to function as protective devices against sickness and pollution while allowing consumers to express their sense of style at the same time.