Take the Fourth of July to Salute U.S. Change-Making Entrepreneurs

 - Jul 4, 2012
American social innovations range from everything like fashion and organic food to technology and health.

For some, national holidays like the Fourth of July and Canada Day aren't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, there's usually a day off from work, lots of food and drinks and some sort of fireworks show.

Not everyone has the same joyous and unabashedly patriotic views to their countries -- if they even call it "theirs." And rightly so. In a recent piece for The Globe and Mail, Drew Hayden Taylor wrote a satire dubbed "White people, here’s your one-time Canada Day special: Native people apologize back!" And a lot of it could apply to other places as the ideas presented aren't fixed, but rather expand to other oppression(s) including the United States, with regard to the treatment of the native people of the land.

This SocialBusiness.org top list of American social innovations don't necessarily focus on nationalism or U.S. pride in particular since a lot of them are global or focus outwardly rather than inwardly. But it shows what some of the entrepreneurs are doing when it comes to the growing space of social enterprise.