Project Repat Collaborates with Artisans in the Majority World

 - Feb 13, 2012
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Project Repat is a social enterprise that sells repurposed bags and scarves. But there's more: the initiative takes hold of an issue that seems to be swept under the rug. When you give away an old tee, it's likely that it ends up being plonked on the Majority World.

"These shirts are packed in giant crates and make the long journey to the center of the used t-shirt markets of the developing world where they are resold to local businesses in Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Haiti, and scores of other places," write Project Repat in their mission statement.

To do something about this, the social enterprise collaborates with local small businesses and artisans to create a revamped product, with all profits going to support non-profits in the country from which they came. What's more, the more products they sell, the more jobs created.

If you take anything away with you here, make it this crucial reality that Project Repat sheds light on: "The next time you are thinking about buying a new shirt, just remember that American over-consumption is so rampant that the vast majority of our shirts end up dumped on other countries."

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