The Flex Watches Donate Proceeds to 10 Charities

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: flexwatches & roozt
Flex Watches is a charitable timepiece label based in San Francisco. Following a 10-10-10 mantra, the organizers behind the project have launched a watch line in 10 colors, in association with 10 charities, from which 10% of all net proceedings are donated annually to those very charities.

The 10 philanthropic groups working with the Flex Watch team represent various causes. From the Be Perfect Foundation to the Mariners Outreach program, there is arguably something of interest for every customer, and the color of each watch is tailored to match a desired focus.

The Flex Watch system is focused on awareness. With student representatives at universities throughout the United States and country-wide campaigns, the message about the product and the charities which it represents is being spread. This awareness aspect is one which companies tend to skip over, but the persistent emphasis on education here has undone the norm, sharing some of America's most significant relief efforts.

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