The Alex Maine Collection is Certifiably Made in the USA

 - Apr 10, 2012
Based in Los Angeles, CA, the Alex Maine clothing company sources and constructs its apparel in the U.S., which provides jobs to the American people and creates a transparent corporate aesthetic.

Their slogan, "Create Jobs, Buy American, Go America!" is indicative of their dedication to constructing pieces that are made by Americans, for Americans, which in turn also bolsters the country's economy. The company promotes this mandate through its "captain" initiative where anyone who shares a link to the company through a social media channel receives a percentage of the sales that come in directly after posting the link.

Founder Bron Heussenstam created the business to provide comfortable, stylish apparel that promotes and benefits American citizens. Alex Maine also recently launched the non profit charity initiative 'We Are All Alex Maine' to put a greater focus on the importance of purchasing local goods.

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