TS Designs Adheres to the Triple Bottom Line

 - May 3, 2011
References: tsdesigns & bcorporation.net
T-shirt printing companies seem to be a dime a dozen, but TS Designs, certified by B Corporation, specializes in a sustainable production processes that adheres to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. With their triple bottom line business model, TS Designs strives to sustain social justice, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.

TS Designs was founded in 1977 and has manufactured and printed shirts for numerous big corporations including Nike, GAP and Polo, but after the signing of NAFTA in 1993, many of their customers moved to Mexico in order to benefit from low-wage labor. Since then, the CEO and President of TS Designs, Tom Sineath and Eric Henry, respectively, went to one of their friends and business owner, Sam Moore, who introduced them to the triple bottom line. The rest is history.

Cotton of the Carolinas is an initiative that TS Designs started that aims to harvest cotton and manufacture shirts in North and South Carolina. The effort ensures that the supply chain supports Cotton of the Carolinas’ three primary objectives: supporting the local economy, low transportation footprint and complete product transparency. With that said, the local production process is not only environmentally-sustainable but it also supports jobs in the Carolinas, rather than sourcing cotton from the global market using cheap labor.

The tees at TS Designs are made with water-based inks, sustainable fibers, and the packaging uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled material. TS Designs also has an environmentally innovative facility, which has a tracking solar array and a wind turban. What’s more, the facility has an on-site garden where employees can access fresh and delicious organic produce. TS Designs attempts to be transparent in order to give consumers as much information as possible, especially considering the increase of greenwashing.

In addition to the social and environmental tenets of TS Designs, 5 percent of profits are donated to charitable organizations. TS Designs is committed to adhering to the triple bottom line, while supporting job creation in the United States.

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