SYJA Helps Vancouver's Young Homeless People Find Jobs

 - Feb 8, 2012
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A while back we featured Juma Ventures, which works with at-risk youth to help them improve their educations and gain skills to help them enter the workforce in California. Today we're looking at a similar concept in Canada called Street Youth Job Action (SYJA), which is a social enterprise that helps homeless youth (15 - 24) in Vancouver gain employment skills.

Launched by the Directions Youth Services Centre, "the project is set up to give these youth a chance to learn a set of skills and behaviours to prepare them for the workforce—soft skills like teamwork, punctuality, communication, getting along with others, a strong work ethic, and what it means to be part of a community."

Employers in both the public and privates sectors can participate in the initiative, by contacting SYJA with their jobs. For the most part, they partner with those who can provide longer term contracts, but "odd jobs" can be listed too, if given 48 hours notice.

"As a social enterprise initiative, funding for this project is self-generated from the revenue earned through its community contracts," the site explains.

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