Out of Print Marries Lost Literary Covers with Book Donations

Out of Print is a t-shirt company with a circular trajectory. Its tagline is "Books on shirts. Shirts on a mission." Indeed, by putting out-of-print book covers on their tees, and then donating one book for each shirt sold to Books For Africa, Out of Print comes full circle.

Books For Africa is a non-profit organization that collects, shorts, ships and distributes books to kids in Africa. The organization describes the situation in Africa as a "book famine." By supplying some of the educational material for African schools, Books For Africa reduces some of the cost so that more children are able to attend school.

Besides Out of Print’s mission to increase global education through books, this one-for-one company also serves as a reaction to the digital age where more and more books are disappearing and being traded in for a technological alternative. Out of Print lets you to wear your literary loves on your sleeves, while in turn, hopefully creating other literary loves for children without access to books.

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