TOMS Eyewear is the Next Chapter in this Innovative Business Model

 - Jun 8, 2011
References: TOMS & youtube
TOMS Shoes has done exceedingly well in terms of bringing social good -- at least on the consumption side of things -- to the forefront of consumer consciousness, and today, the innovative company has released their next chapter in the "One for One" business model: TOMS Eyewear.

TOMS Eyewear operates under the same principle as the popular TOMS Shoes model in that for every one pair of glasses sold, TOMS will help to give sight to someone in need. Through either medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery, TOMS Eyewear will provide sight to someone who is suffering from vision impairment. Founder and CEO of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, explained that the idea for TOMS Eyewear began in Nepal, which is similar to many developing countries, where most people's blindness (for instance, if it's caused by cataracts) can be easily prevented with simple technologies and preventative measures.

In true TOMS fashion, it was a dramatic reveal today, accompanied by a YouTube video and a mass Twitter conversation. TOMS Eyewear is attempting to address a solvable problem through restoring vision to low-income communities in less-industrialized countries.