Sun Light & Power Offers Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy

 - Mar 2, 2012
References: sunlightandpower
Sun Light & Power knows a thing or two about solar energy -- they are the oldest solar company in California, having launched in 1976. They were also one of the first companies in the state to become a certified B Corp, which means they've been recognized as a "Benefit Corporation" that looks beyond profit to measure success, incorporating people and planet into their business model as well.

"We offer Total Energy Solutions™, providing our customers with smart, cost-effective energy packages that combine solar electricity (photovoltaic) and solar water heating (solar thermal), along with energy efficiency and conservation," the company explains.

The company, which was founded by Gary Gerber and based in Berkeley, has an extensive portfolio that includes commercial and retail space, restaurants, municipal buildings, houses of worship, industrial spaces, educational facilities and residential buildings.

The company also works with non-profit organizations and informs them not only of the environmental benefits but the financial advantage as well.

"In California, non-profit organizations are eligible for a special rebate boost which makes the investment even more attractive," the website explains. "Sun Light & Power has extensive experience with non-profit projects – installing solar systems on dozens of affordable housing, schools, churches, community centers and more."

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