- Nov 29, 2008
Blogs have completely revolutionized how Internet users express themselves. The degree of anonymity that the Internet provides allows individuals to explore interests they might not readily admit to pursuing in ‘real’ life. While some of these interests are socially unacceptable or less-than-legal, others, like a punctuation obsession or artistic arrangement of stylish senior citizens, are far more innocent.

Indeed, the Internet has inspired a culture of its own, where memes are coined and spread through the blogosphere like wildfire. The phrases ‘Rick Roll,’ ‘Disaster Girl’ and ‘LOL Cats’ mean nothing to someone who doesn’t use the Internet regularly, but for a blogger they are well understood.

While the blog community as a whole still isn’t universally accepted in many industries, the 2008 U.S. presidential election brought the real-world power of the virtual people into sharp focus. Indeed, blogs like Trend Hunter were specifically credited for Barack Obama’s victorious campaign effort.

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