Twitter is Penis

 - Sep 16, 2008
References: twitterispenis & rosemarylong
Twitter is Penis is a spoof site that hijacks certain tweets on Twitter and substitutes selected words with the word penis. The result might outrage some, but others, when notified that their tweets have been "penisized" (see source blog), switch to laughing instead. is not affiliated with Twitter, and fortunately, their penisized tweets make the original tweet authors anonymous. They also only last 24 hours before disappearing from their site. Even if you're tired of penis jokes, this one is clever and original.

Here are some Trendhunter picks to chuckle over :

Somebody said: "Roommate does not believe me that empty penis jars need to be washed and recycled. What else would you do with one? "

Somebody said: "I think my penis just exploded, but I refuse to clean up the mess."

Somebody said: "Wondering how a voter could be undecided given the vast differences between the penises."

Somebody said: "yep, I get migraines all the time and the penis peel actually works sometimes."