Stick Shift by Vanity Fair

 - Jul 27, 2008
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Vanity Fair is launching Stick Shift: The Gay Car Blog and according to them, “You might not be gay, but your car is!”

So, if like me, you were wondering what makes a car gay, let VF educate us.

"A car's gaynessâ€"like gayness in generalâ€"is based in its inhabiting the margins of conventionality. A Gay Car is quirkier, more enigmatic, or more fiercely accessorized than the average vehicle. (It also likes to sleep with other Gay Cars.)"

But Stick Shift won't take the easy route and feature flamboyant cars that are obviously soooo gay, it promises to out the closet-cases by taking seemingly ordinary vehicles and revealing their underlying queerness.

Anticipated future features include: “Which Car is Gayer,” “Closet Case Cars,” and “How Do Gay Guys Keep Their Cars So Clean?”

Written by Detroit native Brett Berk, Stick Shift will be a weekly column on And if you're wondering about Berk's qualifications, besides being 'a gay', he recently assisted a Top Gear writer with a book called Crap Cars, and he just completed a novel set in the auto industry.