These Romantic Love Public Transit Services Spark Romance

 - Mar 15, 2014
A lot of people do not love public transit, but several services are determined to make cars, subways and even airplanes places where singles can connect and possibly even find romance.

Many singles work long hours and find it difficult to connect with new people outside of work, but if you can’t cut back your work hours for a better work/life balance, there are ways to interject dating into your daily commute to and from work. In some big cities especially, engaging a stranger in a conversation in public is not always appreciated, but these apps, installations and special vehicles are meant to break the tension and make conversation easy.

Within the last year, the Koi-Yamagata, Ekawasaki and Tsubojiri train stations in Japan have been transformed with benches and hot pink decorations with the purpose of helping to inspire romance. These dater-aiding forms of transport are popping up all over the world, including the 'Love Carriages' in Prague, which were specifically introduced to help singles mingle.