Blog, Clothing Line and Book

With a new blog, clothing line and book, Brazilian sex workers now have a voice. The new book, written by Brazilian sex worker, has already sold 100,000 copies!

In addition, there is a blog called, 'The Little Surfer Girl,' which is dedicated to the same cause. The founder of the blog, Bruna, described, "I didn't expect so many people to take an interest in my life. I began the blog in end-2004 because every girl my age had one. I was 19 then, and wanted to share what it was to be a prostitute. I lived alone, had just one friend, and did not have a boyfriend. I needed somebody to talk to. On the night I started writing the blog, I wrote everything I wanted to say."

Since its launch, the blog became the most popular blog in Brazil. It forms the foundation of the new book, The Scorpion's Sweet Venom.