Blog Your Own Hardcover Book (and Sell It ) At

 - Aug 30, 2006
References: blurb & wired
Now you can create your own hardcover book by blogging to Instead of creating your book all at once, you can create it over time, slowly compiling your entries until you have a cool new book. Ideas: coolbooks, portfolios, family albums, etc.

Those who can't publish, blog. It's one of the enduring knocks against the blogosphere. But what happens when any blogger, or blog reader, has one-button access to cheaply printing a neatly bound, customized slice of, a self-publishing startup, will invite 600 bloggers this week to test out its new service by creating a free bound copy of their blog. It's a fresh shot across the bow to traditional publishers in an industry already facing disruptive changes from digital giants Google and Amazon.

Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins wants to position Blurb authors at the forefront of an increasingly digital publishing landscape, where a high Technorati rank is as important as a place on The New York Times bestseller list in traditional publishing.