Blogger Bars

 - Jan 24, 2008
References: gridskipper
Right off the bat, it needs to be clarified that this is not a place where bloggers bring their computers and start posting; these are the places where they like to socialize when they're off the computers. It's where they come for a drink after a long day of Googling, journaling and scouring the web.

GridSkipper compiled a list of the top 16 blogger bars in New York, complete with addresses and images. We'll just give you a quick list of the top 6 places, and if you really want to go nerd it up with fellow bloggers in the Big Apple, you can follow the links.

1. The Magician
2. Max Fish
3. Loreley (a German bar with a Biergarten!)
4. Von (apparently a quick stroll from the Gawker media office)
5. Lucky Strike
6. Galapagos - "a Romper Room for art nerds", featured in the photo