From Cookie-Combined Dessert Pizzas to DIY Frozen Chocolate Bananas

 - Jun 10, 2014
With summer finally here, it is the ideal time to consume as many ice cream treats as possible. A standard summer time dessert, frozen yogurt, sherbet or a classic cone are all cool ways to beat the heat while adding a little (or a lot) of sugar to your bloodstream. While some people may be content with basic strawberry, chocolate or vanilla scoops, others are more interested in changing it up.

On the one hand, there are weirdly flavored ice cream treats like fish-infused ice creams or spicy sorbets. On the other hand, people are more focused on the presentation, resulting in celebratory soccer sherbets and construction themed confections. The DIY element is not to be missed either, including thumbprint popsicles, candy concealing cones and dessert tacos you can do yourself.