Po-Po Pops are a Fudge, Donut and Bacon Ice Cream Flavor

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: refinery29
The cronut better make way for Po-Po Pops, a competing donut and bacon ice cream flavor. The icy goodness came from the delicious mind of Aleric 'AJ' Constantin. In late June, Constantin was arrested at Critical Mass for allegedly selling ice cream without a license. To make light of the unfortunate event, he created a new flavor in honor of the police he dealt with.

Playing on the stereotype that cops enjoy pigging out on donuts (ahem, Chief Wiggum), the Po-Po Pop was born. The Krispy Kreme creation is not intended to offend police officers, but is meant as a cheeky acknowledgment of the cop cliché. Hungry Miami residents can enjoy the bacon ice cream flavor in August for $4 per treat.