These Chocolate Nails Drive Extra Sweetness into Desserts

The Brocche Fondenti chocolate nails add a delicious spike of sweetness to desserts. Brocca is an Italian-made nail that held a the 'Brocche 2.0' competition to find new ideas for the brand. These chocolate nails were developed by Monica Maggi, Giangi Caffio and Pippo Marino, a group of architects who were awarded first place in this competition for this inventive design.

These delicious confections make use of the spiked shape of the nail to infuse flavor into cakes, ice cream and other desserts. These delightful architectural treats take inspiration from Brocca's origins as nails used in work boots. Just as the real nails pierce a soft piece of fabric, these chocolate nails are designed to be pressed into light confections and creamy soft serves.