- Aug 26, 2017
These August 2017 fashion trends feature a number of unique innovations that range from retro-styled designer editorials, to reversible bikini collections that are focused on merging style with high functionality.

Although the 'Umbrella Raincoat' might not fall into everyone's definition of fashionable, they keep wearers dry while allowing them to use their hands as they walk through rainy weather. In addition, the unconventional hybrid piece shows off the rest of one's outfit as they walk, as the Umbrella Raincoat hits just beneath their shoulders. In addition, the accessories are lightweight and foldable, so that they can be packed around with ease to be utilized whenever needed.

Another innovation that's featured in these August 2017 fashion trends is the jewelry collection from Yunus & Eliza, which is made up of many of the pieces that were worn by iconic characters throughout the Game of Thrones series. A few pieces included are the 'Mother of Dragons Chain' and the 'Daenerys Dragon Storm Handwrap.'

From Waste-Reduction Shoe Boxes to Architectural Cycling Gear: