- Apr 19, 2019
The way that young people shop impacts nearly every industry, and this list of April 2019 youth trends spotlights some of the popular habits of the younger generations.

Gen Z is growing up, and numerous innovations and brands are being designed to cater to the needs of this demographic. For example, Dap Suits launched a new initiative that specializes in budget-friendly prom suits that even includes a free at-home trial. On a similar note, a brand dubbed Under Twenty is retailing doctor-informed skincare products that targets typical skin issues experienced by teens.

Technology is another huge factor that motivates the younger generations, and brands have responded to this by incorporating technology in unique ways. The photo series that accompanied the Han Kjøbenhavn Spring/Summer line included familiar computer graphics, nodding to computer and gamer culture. Meanwhile, Foot Locker's partnership with Rockets of Awesome has resulted in a tech-fueled shopping experience for kids and their parents, offering seamless connection and personalization.

From Gen Z Skincare to Child-Friendly Cell Phones: