Under Twenty Offers Inventive Acne Solutions & Antibacterial Makeup

Dr Irena Eris launched a sub-brand called 'Under Twenty' to specifically address the skincare concerns of Gen Z—with a particular focus on teenage girls with acne.

Under Twenty boasts a bright and splashy identity, with three main colors that are used to differentiate its product lines. While daily care products can easily be recognized in their teal-colored tubes, Under Twenty created an entire cleansing series for special tasks in red. Outside of the skincare solutions it offers, the brand also delivers makeup products—like a mattifying, antibacterial BB cream—in light pink packaging.

Some of the standout products in Under Twenty's purifying and care series include four-in-one cleansing gels, face masks formulated with carbon and white clay and plenty of other solutions with powerful acne-banishing antibacterial properties.