Little Pasta Organics' Tasty Sauces Boast Wholesome Ingredients

 - Apr 1, 2019
References: littlepastaorganics
Little Pasta Organics is a children's food brand specializing in traditional Italian dishes that are reimagined for a young audience. Going beyond tasty flavor profiles, the brand focuses on wholesome and nourishing ingredients and offers four pasta sauce varieties that are made for growing kids.

These include Red Pepper & Ricotta, Spinach & Broccoli, Pumpkin & Carrot and Asparagus, Pea and Broadbean. Each of Little Pasta Organics' sauces is vegan and vegetarian-friendly, boasting no added sugars or artificial preservatives. All products are additionally gluten, seed and nut-free, ensuring no allergens are present for young kids.

Suitable for children 9 months and older, these pasta sauces don't skip out on flavor while highlighting ingredients that are organically sourced, wellness-focused and creatively paired.

Image Credit: Facebook