Rethink Juice Splash is Made of 95% Water and Organic Juice Concentrate

 - Mar 5, 2019
References: drinkrethinkwater & prnewswire
Rethink Juice Splash offers a fun, flavorful and healthy alternative to sugary juice boxes for kids. These beverages are naturally sweetened and contain just a gram of sugar, thanks to their unique formulas of 95% water and 5% organic juice concentrate and organic monk fruit. With these products, Rethink Brands aims to support parents in "[eliminating] up to 20% of a child's daily intake of sugar."

With varieties like Watermelon Juice Splash and Fruit Punch Juice Splash, these five-calorie drinks offer a more exciting alternative to products that are expressly branded as flavored water.

As Millennial parents have become invested in reduced-sugar products for the whole family, they are actively avoiding sugar-heavy juice products for kids, including some all-natural fruit juices that are high in natural sugar and calories.