- Oct 5, 2009   Updated: Jun 8 2011
(A)ll (d)ay (I) (d)ream (a)bout (s)ports. Okay, maybe it isn't sports I'm dreaming about but Adidas still runs the show when it comes to athletic attire. In order to stay ahead of the pack, the sports brand must adapt to new clientele and athletic technology. From bad boy boarder kicks to soccer net fashions, check out all the Adidas innovations that keep you dreaming.

Implications - A large number of consumers are confident in their product decisions and the companies they buy from, creating a strong sense of brand loyalty. These people continuously invest in certain businesses because they can count the high quality that they will consistently receive. Companies will benefit by focusing their attention on ways to enhance and improve their products that already exist as opposed to scrambling to create brand new products with which customers are not familiar.

From Bad Boy Boarder Kicks to Soccer Net Fashions: