Adidas SLVR Strays from the Sporting Norm With Dreary Greys

 - Sep 9, 2009   Updated: Jul 27 2011
References: adidas
The Adidas SLVR concept is one geared towards versatility, functionality and a commitment to an understated sense of style.

The style is geared for functional life rather than sweating in a gym. There are no baby-blue and hot-pink sneakers dripping with labels in the SLVR production wing of Adidas. With the signature color being gun-metal grey, the dreary chic look seems to be what the Adidas SLVR brand is all about.

Implications - What I particularly like about the Adidas SLVR is that it is unconventional. Adidas has always been a company at the height of innovation and this is just another example.