YouTube 101

Not only are classrooms studying YouTube, but individuals can learn from courses broad

Description - YouTube is more than just a medium for entertainment. Pitzer College in Claremont, CA offers a media studies class called Learning from YouTube, while other schools teach entire courses through YouTube channels. Aside from academic courses, YouTube classes include how-tos on cooking, playing the guitar and step-by-step video instructions on DIY projects.

Implications - Instruction on YouTube allow people to further their education on their own time and in the environment of their choice. Beyond music and food, these courses signal an opportunity for developing online video courses in other categories.
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Virtual Cooking Classes - Culinary YouTube
Warm 7,526 Clicks Pub: Aug 25, 07
Virtual Cooking Classes
Culinary YouTube
With the raving success of cooking shows on TV, taking culinary endeavours online was the next logical step. Vancouver-based MakeMySupper is a pioneer in virtual recipe sharing. Now you can share your… [More]
Seniors On YouTube - Jewish Grandma's "Feed Me Bubbe" Podcast
Average 6,600 Clicks Pub: Aug 9, 07
Seniors On YouTube
Jewish Grandma's "Feed Me Bubbe" Podcast
Senior citizens are taking making their presence felt and posting videos. Take this Jewish grandma who decided that even young people might be interested in what she has to offer….Maybe some chicken… [More]
Online Video Guitar Lessons
Untested 3,236 Clicks Pub: Feb 5, 07
Online Video Guitar Lessons
This is an ingenious idea. Learning how to play guitar has been a goal of mine for the longest time but I just cannot find time to take lessons, and some of them can get pricey. The Next Level Guitar offers… [More]
YouTube Classes - College Vlogging Lessons
Mild 3,616 Clicks Pub: Sep 18, 07
YouTube Classes
College Vlogging Lessons
Always wanted to be on YouTube but don't know how? Maybe it's time you tuned into the "Learning From YouTube" channel. Keeping up to date with modern technology can be tough, especially since many of… [More]
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