Multi-Function Time

Time has become secondary for the modern clock

Implications - Dual or multi-purpose electronics have gained mass appeal. Watches have become especially popular multi-functional devices as they can be combined with several different gadgets for portable convenience. Technologies that offer alternate functions reduce clutter, save time and often serve as status symbols.
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Telson Camera Phone Watch
SCORE: 6.2
Viral 12,069 Clicks Pub: Dec 28, 05
Telson Camera Phone Watch
Remember the decade where people wanted to cram all sorts of devices onto their watches? Well here's a device that would have been a big hit back then. Indian company Telson has introduced the TWC 1150… [More]
MP4 Watch - Movies on Your Wrist
SCORE: 4.5
Warm 5,866 Clicks Pub: Jan 6, 07
MP4 Watch
Movies on Your Wrist
This hot watch has 2 GB of memory so u can enjoy 16 hours of video playback, remember when you used to use your watch to check the time…those days have come and gone. Now watch your favorite... [More]
Vintage Watch Cufflinks
SCORE: 5.1
Warm 7,008 Clicks Pub: Jun 21, 07
Vintage Watch Cufflinks
Are you a neo dandy? Your boyfriend loves original and unique cufflinks? If so, you´ll love this circular watch cufflinks made with vintage watch mechanisms . As readed on Vivre, the watch mechanisms… [More]
Combination Drain Plug/Clock - The Waste Watch
SCORE: 2.7
Mild 5,307 Clicks Pub: Aug 24, 07
Combination Drain Plug/Clock
The Waste Watch
Murano House has made the first ever, combination drain stopper and timepiece. Handcrafted in Italy out of stainless steel and precious stones, the Waste Watches add an amazing touch to elegant bathrooms,… [More]
OV Fertility Watch - A Gadget for Couples
SCORE: 3.2
Mild 4,590 Clicks Pub: Nov 9, 06
OV Fertility Watch
A Gadget for Couples
Imagine a watch with a fertility meter, cool huh!! This OV-Watch tracks fertility with much higher accuracy than traditionally methods. In fact it can track the 6-day fertility window as divergent to a… [More]
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