Fake Reality

A new wave of auto accessories revolve around faking both status and damage

Implications - These products are used for a variety of reasons including pranks, deterring potential thieves, or faking status. All qualities are based on false illusions, and reflect the human fascination with disguise. It is similar to the way some wealthy individuals choose to dress in basic attire while the less advantaged are intrigued by counterfeit items like handbags and sunglasses.
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Fake Sunroof - Sticker Adds Status, But Not Breeze
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Fake Sunroof
Sticker Adds Status, But Not Breeze
Adding a fake sunroof to your car might not add any breeze, but could it add value to your car? Questionable. But here's what the inventor told AutoBlog, "Sometimes people just want to have the look… [More]
Fake Scratches and Rust - Deter Would-be Thieves
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Fake Scratches and Rust
Deter Would-be Thieves
Most people desire a scratch-free ride, but if you really want to deter thieves, fake scratches and rust might be for you. Designer Dominic Wilcox has designed a series of temporary stickers which you… [More]
Car Owners Fake Luxury
Mild 4,169 Clicks Pub: Nov 14, 06
Car Owners Fake Luxury
Instead of actually paying for high performance vehicles, some people are faking it. They are going to dealers and eBay to buy emblems to embellish their cars' value. Not only do they increase the value… [More]
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