- Sep 19, 2009   Updated: Jun 3 2011
From Twiggy to Agyness Deyn, the fashion model has been both revered and reviled by pop culture. For many females, models are the epitome of beauty, with their long, lean limbs; for others, models are objectified symbols of unattainable proportions.

These model-focused features prove that whether you're talking about Twiggy, Tyra or Gisele, the fashion model has transcended from muse into pop culture fixture.

Implications - These model-focused features shed light on all sorts of models including the elderly, the homeless, the imperfect and even animals. Take a peek at models who are all shapes and sizes; you may be surprised with what you find. One of the featured articles is even about McDonald's!

From Twiggy to Agyness Deyn, Reasons Catwalkers Rock: