Highest Earners in Fashion

 - May 18, 2008
References: financialpost
Quick, name an industry where women earn more than men! According the the Financial Post, there is only one, and that field is modeling.

Ask anyone into fashion who the top earning supermodel is, and they'll quickly blurt out Gisele Bundchen. Ask them about the top male supermodels, and you'll likely be faced with perplexed faces or arguments over the answer.

The Financial Post cleared the confusion in an article revealing the estimated salaries of the world's top 10 male models. It turns out, the cream of the crop top out at about $500,000 a year.

Male models don't earn near as much as females doing the same thing. They also tend not to launch their own fashion lines, endorse lingerie or become TV hosts. Gisele, for example, has been cast for Hollywood films like Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada.

"To rank the models on our list, we combined advertising campaigns, editorial work and runway experience over the last two seasons, giving special consideration to prominence and scope where relevant," The Financial Post said of the male models. "Given the metrics, the list favors of-the-moment male models, not the established industry veterans."

So, who are these male models then?

1. Taylor Fuchs (Only started two years ago, and already he's at the top, modeling for brands like D&G, Fendi and Gianfranco Ferré)
2. Mathias Lauridsen (At 24, he's been in the industry about five years; he's currently the face of the Gucci fragrance campaign)
3. Matt Gordon (Canadian who has walked for Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano and been the face of Gucci and Escada campaigns)
4. Cole Mohr (Known for his collarbone tattoos and being really skinny
5. Nick Snider (Face of Prada in print and on the catwalk)
6. Marcus Hedbrandh (21)
7. Evandro Soldati (cute, check out his video above!)
8. Sean Opry
9. Nicholas Bemberg
10. Luke Worrell (only 18!)