Ricardo Oyarzun's Virgin Mary Models Rock Unholy Cleavage

 - Jan 20, 2009
References: royarzun.cl & reuters
Ricardo Oyarzun is a Chilean fashion designer who has caused a tremendous brouhaha in Chile because he plans to dress up his models as the Virgin Mary for a fashion show. In and of itself, using the venerated icon as a theme is bad enough for some people. What makes the controversy even worse is that Oyarzun’s models will drop a significant amount of very unholy cleavage at the event.

As expected, the usual suspect, the Catholic Church, has condemned the fashion event and has even tried to block it in a court of law.

Reuters notes that, "[Oyarzun] said his designs—which include halos, look as though they come from a nativity scene and include religious icons—were inspired by the Virgin Mary but not intended to represent her."

May the Mother of God help us all.

Note: Images 3 to 5 come from Oyarzun’s previous shows.