From Green-Hued Eatery Interiors to Melted Bead Lamps

 - Jul 1, 2012
This collection of uses of stained glass explores much more than the not-so simple history of the art technique, which has been around for more than 1000 years. Yes, over 1000 years. Its classic location is in cathedrals or churches all around the world, however, its location is not fixed when it comes to being an inspiration for artists, designers, architects, etc.

From all-green restaurants and melted bead lamps to Star Wars-inspired stained glass windows and airy fashion editorials, these uses of stained glass have no limit, especially in the art and design worlds.

Some of these innovations are as simple as the DIY "stained glass" you used to zealously paint as a child, while others, are as complicated as the Canterbury Cathedral.